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Thursday, September 27, 2001

Whew! what a week at work! It has been quite slow recently and seemed like a good time to take a day off. My boss thought so too. I laid plans with my daughter to go to Maine for a few days, starting tomorrow. Suddenly today the usual fall pickup bounced higher than a kite! It was crazy. When I got home, I really didnt feel like taking care of my chores. And then there was no hot water. It seems the pilot had gone out on the hot water heater. We got it re-lit and when I checked later to try again on the dishes, the water was stone cold!! Turns out there's a knob you have to hold down, then turn to get it going again. Now it's going and tomorrow we get to take showers in the morning!

I am going to stay in Unity, Me. at a nifty little bed and breakfast, The Copper Heron. I couldnt find it online when I looked in the Inkeepers database. But did find it when I searched by name.
Here are some interesting links I found in the Unity, ME area.
Made in Maine
Unity Gift Boutique
The State Rep for the Unity - Burnham area is Carol Weston (R-Montville)
The State Senator is Susan Longley, a Democrat