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Saturday, October 06, 2001

The Copper Heron is in a big yellow federalist house on Main Street, Unity, Maine. I stayed there two nights last weekend and had a nice time. Melissa, one of the owners, does (apparently) all the cooking. A big hit Saturday morning was the baked oatmeal, which has somewhat the character of rice pudding. Fresh fruit, good coffee, and more. The guests sat at a big diing room table and got to know one another a little.

I enjoyed walking in the garden behind the house.Near the house is a mounded oval set off with rr ties; it is home to several bird feeders including one resembling a fish, hanging from a branch and swimming in air.
Side garden at the Copper Heron, Unity Maine
Further along are three other ovals, one with a little pond and interestingly placed rocks, another with an upright post topped by what resembles a japanese'style stone lantern but which is actually (I thought) a bird feeding station. It was surrounded, the last weekend of September, by a jumble of black-eyed susans and a flagstoned path around.
Beyond, the ground spreads out to mostly lawn, though the vegetable garden was still sprouting zucchinis and a variety of peppers.
Copper Heron