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Saturday, October 06, 2001

My daughter posted a new garden blog on her domain at Unity Pond net. One thing I saw there when I went to look was a link to the White Flower Farm in Litchfield, CT. That's in the northwestern corner of the state, some distance away from me, but I'd like to go there again. Read their Year in the Garden for some ideas on what and when and where to plant.

The last time I went to White FLower Farms (the only time, really), it was iris season and not much else was in bloom. I bought some blue siberian irises that have perservered out back despsite being neglected some years. When I tend them early in the spring, ripping the smother vines back and uncovering the corms a little, they reward me with stunning abundant blossoms.

Speaking of unitypond.net -- which I was -- I took some photographs of the garden at the Copper Heron Bed & Breakfast where I stayed while visiting in Burnham and Unity, Maine last weekend. I must get them online, and when i do will post some here. It's been a busy week and I was doing some work for the Willimantic Food Coop. The front page has been cleaned up a little. There's more to do, of course.