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Wednesday, November 28, 2001


The Fence Garden

I've been thinking about various kinds of small gardens, that is little planted areas in small spaces. One idea that has been with me for awhile is the Fence Garden [© Pamela Shorey 2001].

There is a wooden fence along the far side of the driveway here, with some rocks and wild day lillies and a tree or two.

Every so often in the summer, sitting on the porch that faces this fence, I think about adding a series of shelves at different heights. The first time I thought of this, it was in terms of a Cat Playground. The cats would be wild for the chance to climb from shelf to shelf, and pick out one of the highest to doze in the sunshine.

Then I thought how nice it would be to place some potted plants up on those shelves. Since that area is mostly shady, it would be grand to have some color over there. I could rotate blooming plants in and out and mix in some trailing ones for contrast. Those shelves on the fence would also be a place to hang wind chimes and small garden statuary. Possibly some art work too.

I am quite entranced with this idea.