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Saturday, November 24, 2001

A few days ago I brought in a bunch of flower pots that were out on the picnic table.

During the summer, they made up my so-called table garden, which was in an area next to the driveway, by the lilac bush, where it was quite sunny most of the day. Mostly my place is shady. Next to this picnic table were a couple of big wooden tubs filled with my vegetable crops for the year: Tomatoes and basil. I also planted lettuce, beans and squash, but aside from a few tiny green beans (not enough for a meal --I added them to the evening salad-- ) it was tomatoes and basil.

Now I have a "corner garden" in the living room. It's really not eneough space, but what are you going to do? This room is also where we watch tv, read, and eat dinner. Sandy's computer is there too. So there can't be much room for a garden.

Most of the empty pots are stacked on the floor next to the kitchen sink. I guess you could call it my indoor potting shed .There is a bunch of houseplants there as well, though not as many as in the living room.

See how that goes. I'm going out for a cup of coffee.