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Tuesday, November 20, 2001

More leaves have fallen. My neighbors have all raked and vacuumed their lawns to perfection. My lawn is scattered with golden leaves from the big ash tree.

It has been uncommonly warm. We get a crisp night with a skim of morning frost on our windshields, followed by 2-3 warm days with no frost and the cats wanting to go out very early, around 4:10 a.m.

First Mowie gives a couple of her soft chirps. Then Morris walks in and does the loud in-your-ear purr. I think, < nooo..... I'm sleeping... >

They ignore my thoughts. Just as I am about to fall back asleep, Morris walks to the foot of my bed and starts a tussle with Mowie. < Hey! you guys! I'm sleeping here! >

I disrupt the war with the interjection of my blanketed foot. They stop; but as soon as I turn my face back to the pillow, they start again, and Mowie leaps from the bed to chase Morris. It's 4:31. < ok, ok, all right! I'm getting up.. > When I walk into the hallway, both cats are sitting smiling with a patient attitude at the top of the steps ready to go down to the door.

I wish they would put some of that energy to work raking leaves. Mowie overhears my wish and thinks back to me: They aren't supposed to be raked. Why do you think they call them leaves? You leave them!

I chuckle and tell her she's a good cat. She purrs and says I know!