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Monday, February 11, 2002

This blog has a new file name.

Blog moved

For CURRENT garden news and comentary, go to http://bronzefrogs.com/blogs/outside.html

I have been fooling around with the inner workings of this blog for a day and a half. My first effort was to get the archives to show up. In the course of fooling with the template, I lost all connection to my server and could no longer ftp anything from blogger to bronzefrogs. This had to do with the path settings.
After much tweaking, reading the help files and blog discussions, I got some advice from my web host on the correct path. That fixed the uploading to bronzefrogs. But I still cant get the archives right.

If you click the link to archives on this page (I finally got the link to work!), it takes you to a drab unstyled page with some javascript showing ('document write...'). I do not know why it doesnt link to the page I put on my server by the name of "archive.html" which has a style and no longer includes the javascript. Anyway, style aside, when you click on one of those archive links, you get a Page Not Found error; Blogger is not sending my archive files to that location, and nothing I tell it will convince it to.


Do we really need archives??????