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Saturday, March 16, 2002

Enjoying life
After posting the previous quote and comment from the viviculture page, I want to add that the secret to happiness (if happiness is what you want) is to start enjoying your life. How do you do that, if your life is horrible?
  1. Well first, analyze what is horrible about it.
  2. Second consider which aspects of it you have control over and change those to suit.
  3. Third, start noticing what's going on around you.
  4. Fourth, work with intentionality and focus. That is, focus on the task itself, not on the result or completion of the task.

I am never bored, and am astonished at how many people profess to be bored all the time. My mind is a playground, always coming up with something new to consider. My eyes are a picnic, always providing a new delicacy to feast upon.

Let's take cooking as an example of how to focus on doing the task instead of on its completion. I used to think how i could do the least possible in order to get an evening meal on the table. Since I changed my attitude a couple of years ago, I have become engrossed in the task, enjoying cutting up vegetables, enjoying considering which spices or herbs would best accompany the blend of foods, and so on. I am taken by surprise often when things are nearly cooked and don't give my daughter much time to set the table.

Here is a web site on cooking that is terrific in this respect. I found the link on the viviculture site. Nobody's Fool . That soup sounds good!