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Friday, March 15, 2002

It has been in the fifties here a good deal of the time, though the temp did drop into the 40s one day last week. We have also had a few days in the 60s. Overall, I'd say it's more like April than March. My daffodils usually bloom in April, after a poor showing by crocuses in late March. While they haven't bloomed yet, they are nearly ready .
Shoots are starting up of day lillies, chrysanthemums and a few other perennials. I want to rake the leaf cover away while they are still small, but do not trust there will be no more frost. (More frost -- humph, who am I kidding? And yet--it's SO unpredictable this year.)

The trees, on the other hand are nowhere near leafing out. In early April there are always some shoots and by mid-April, there is a green haze of baby leaves on the hillside. It's usually very lovely. I wonder what will happen this year, with the uncommon dryness.

The radio weather-people have not yet caught on to our draught, so they whine when a little rain is expected and sound gleeful when the sun shines.