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Thursday, April 18, 2002

Leapfrogged to May
Funny ... the crocuses came up at the end of Februaryand bloomed to last week. The daffodils have already gone by. This week's heat wave killed them, I guess, and the pansies I just planted will soon follow, since they are a cool wether flower. ( I should have known better, I guess). If we're to have a hot dry summer, I should acquire some desert plants and the hot dry things like zinnias that don't usually do well here.
I've never seen anything like this weather. We had a couple of perfect days. I think it was April 14 where the sky was blue, the air balmy but not hot, and the hillsides covered with a soft green haze of tiny new leaves.
Yesterday it was in the 90s. Today it's supposed to be a bit cooler (85 or so) and it rained in the night, but I was sweating when I awoke under my sheet even though the air seemed cooler.