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Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Up, down, all around...
Ok, last week it was August, with a heat wave, in the 80s and even 90s. Everyone was out in shorts mowing their lawns. The lilacs are blooming, about a month early.
This week, it feels like late October or perhaps late February/early March. It was cold and rainy yesterday and coolth was expected again today, in fact the rest of the week. I hope the plants that have bloomed, the trees that have leafed out early, do not freeze and die. The big ash tree out front is the only one that hasnt leafed out yet.
"The crocuses and dafffodils have died. The ground phlox has been blooming and may be just starting to die back. Bleeding hearts are blooming , though the plants are not very big yet. Irises are about 6-8 inches tall and no where near blooming yet -- I wonder if they are governed more by light than heat? The white shrub with trailing habit I don't know the name of just started blooming yesterday.