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Thursday, May 30, 2002

weather report
Thunderstorms have been predicted all week. We've had light rain showers several times, but if there were any thunderstorms, I missed them. Maybe I was concentrating too hard at work to look out the window, who knows? :-)

Wednesday. early in the morning (about 6:15), I was standing looking east toward the street out on the front porch, which runs along the front of the house and around the corner a bit. There are a lot of trees on my right from there (south side of the house) and behind the house too. It was cloudy and looked like rain. Sure enough, I soon could hear the patter of rain sprinkling on the leaves. I waited for the sidewalk to get wet, but it didnt. I peered down the street where there are fewer trees to block the rain-- that was dry too!. The rain kept pattering and not making it (apparently) to the ground. Then I walked to the other end of the porch and looked into the driveway of the neighboring house. The back half was quite wet, the front half dry!

I am often on the edge like that.

Meanwhile, the plants are enjoying the warmth and humidity and growing. Nasturtiums among the remains of crocuses are flourishing, though not yet near bloom.