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Saturday, September 14, 2002

Big blow
We had a big blow a few days back, of the sort one associates with autumn rains or edges of hurricanes. There was no rain, but a fair number of branches came down. I guess it's nature's equivalent of brushing your hair, getting out the dead wood.
Along with many branches -- all dead and easy to break apart -- were a quantity of nuts, butternuts, I think, which with their outer covering, are the size and color of limes, or slightly tired, dried out limes.
Yesterday I was out there for an hour or more picking up sticks and also collected a bucket of nuts. I put them by the kitchen door, handy for any passing squirrels. I'd say there are enough nut trees sprouting up here and there, though I do like them. They have attractive pinate leaves (is pinnate the right term? there are pairs along a stem.)