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Monday, October 21, 2002

Fall Perennial Planting Tips
  1. On arrival, open your packages and water the plants. Keep them in a cool, shaded place and plant as soon as possible.

  2. Select a site that meets the conditions of the perennials you have chosen. Prepare the bed by digging or tilling, and adding a bit of good compost.

  3. Gently compact soil around plants to eliminate any air pockets and water thoroughly. Continue to apply water as needed to supplement rainfall until the ground freezes. In temperate areas do not allow plants to dry out during the winter.

  4. ·Where winter temperatures are consistently very cold, mulch the bed with straw or any suitable material after the ground has frozen. Where freeze/thaw cycles occur, mulching will help keep the soil at a constant temperature.

  5. Once spring arrives, your now-established plants will break dormancy and grow magnificently. With minimal care, perennials will reward you with an enormous amount of pleasure for many years - and possibly generations to come.

Planting tips from Burpee Seed Co