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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Bullfrogs: Description, Habitat and Mating
Bullfrogs: Description, Habitat and Mating .
If an approaching male ignores the warning call of the resident male, a fight can develop. The males fight by grabbing with their front legs, kicking with their back legs, and trying to flip each other over.
The stronger frog usually wins and may hold the other frog underwater for a short time.
These fights are very dangerous for the bullfrogs because they attract the attention of enemies. Snapping turtles, water snakes and large herons can get an easy meal when bullfrogs are fighting.

I've been thinking about frogs and went looking for photos.

The frog bridge in Willimantic has startling huge sculpted frogs stop giant concerete thread spools (don't ask) and there is something about the shape of the frogs that troubles me. One, the eyes are painted gold all over, not just where the irises would be. Two, the legs are long and slender and girlish.