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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Cold Climate Gardening
Cold Climate Gardening
After removing the rocks, it was time to get some compost. We only have lazy-man's compost around here; we put it in a bin, and when the bin gets full, we move it to the next bin, and then the final bin. Consequently, compost in the final bin has lots of stuff still in it. That's why I like to sift it. My son Rundy built a wooden frame sized to fit over our wheelbarrows and stapled hardware cloth to it. It works just fine, but it's heavy. Rundy, who lifts weights, picks it up and shakes it to sift. I rest it on the wheelbarrow and shovel compost on top of the screen. Then, using a gloved hand, I push the compost around the screen until the good stuff has all fallen into the wheelbarrow. Then, saying a prayer for my back, I pick the frame off the wheelbarrow and dump the remains into bin #2 to compost some more. And I repeat the process until the wheelbarrow is full or I have as much compost as I need.

This is a lovely blog with excellent writing. There is something peaceful about gardens and the work one does in them that translates into clear writing. I guess because it eliminates the mental static, at least temporarily, and clarifies the thinking.