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Thursday, November 21, 2002

Crow: Mass. Logs
At Crow's Net, click on the link to state-by-state logs. They are reports of interesting and curious behavior of crows. Crows are far smarter than given credit for.
...One large American crow was poking his head inside a small discarded Doritos bag, ostensibly to get a snack. Each time he stuck his head inside the opening the bag would move back a tiny amount, so it looks like he couldn't get at the contents inside. He (I'll use he but I don't know what gender the crow was) stepped to the side and examined the bag for a few moments, then walked towards the closed end and lifted it up with his beak, flying into the air a short distance, thus pointing the open end of the bag to the ground and letting the contents spill out onto the ground. The crow then discarded the bag (remarkably close to a trash can!) and flew back to eat the Doritos on the ground...
From Crows Net

For generations, people liked to claim they were the only ones with intelligence. I like to think we are gradually waking up to the idea that intelligence is spread across the spectrum, and that there are different kinds of intelligence.
Maybe we are the only ones who, despite intelligence, act stupidly. We certainly do have a broad range of abilities.
The crow website is excellent. It is owned by my friend Mike Westerfield.