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Saturday, November 23, 2002

December gardening tasks
I got a newsletter from Ladd's Garden Center in South Windham listing some things to do next month. Tasks include the following:
  • Pull out the annuals from window boxes and planters, and replace with cut evergreens and real or artificial red berries and pinecones.
  • Paperwhite and hyacinth that are started in early December will be close to blooming for the holidays.
  • Keep Christmas cactus in cool areas as bloom begins, in order to prolong bloom time. (I have several cacti in bud!)
  • Stock birdfeeders

You notice they didn't say rake your lawn. I guess they figure we've already taken care of that. *I* however, have a considerable amount of leaves about the place. On the other hand, I have already pulled up the dead annuals, tomato plants, etc. There are still a few pots outside of mostly dead stuff, but some are things that might winter over if I brought them in.