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Saturday, November 30, 2002

First snow
We had our first snow of the season the day before Thanksgiving (Wed., Nov. 27, 2002). I had to clear off about 4 inches of snow from my car at 6:30 in the morning, before going to work. I cleared off the car, then went back inside to shower and dress for work. When I went back out 40 minutes or so later, another inch had fallen and I had to take another swipe at it. The 2nd time was easier, of course. I heard later that day that we had gotten about 7-8 inches total. That's a lot for any winter storm, especially so early in the winter -- technically it's still autumn -- and especially for the area of New England where I live, which has relatively low snowfall.

Thanksgiving Day was clear and sunny and the temperature hovered in the vicinity of freezing (32F, 0C). The roads had been plowed and in the sun what little was lift melted and dried out, so driving to my daughter's place was easy.

Friday afternoon and evening, it snowed again. I took a bowl of apple peelings out for the compost pile, but actually dumped them in a snowbank near a brush pile so they'd be accessible to any mice, rabbits, chipmunks, or raccoons that might be nearby and hungry. I mean to trek out back today and see if anyone made a dent in that little pile.
While I was outside - this was late afternoon - it was snowing lightly, a rather damp, clumping snow. I made a 2-foot tall snow Buddha by the tree I can see from my kitchen window. It's not a great Buddha, but I can just make out the form.

I guess it is the natural order of things that some small animals would weaken and perhaps die (or be hunted by others) during an early snowfall and I may upset that order by dropping some feed outside. It's hard to see where the line between compassion and wisdom falls.