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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Drab December
We had a sleety Christmas, which made driving difficult. It was not impossible, however, and I went to my daughter's house, about an hour's drive from here.

The sleet was followed by snow - the grounds always looks nice and clean after a snowfall -- and then a few dry days.
This morning when I went to the door to let out the cats, I saw what looks like rain. It could be sleet again, however. I am located near the rain-snow line for this vicinity. North of us they mostly get snow from a storm and to the south, nearer the coast, they get rain most often.

There are a few pots left near the door where we had placed some plants in the fall to protect them from early frosts. They include two planters one of which has a living plant still in it (uharmed by the cold and snow) and a couple of urns, one that was filled with hickory nuts I collected from the driveway - they were everywhere!
I suppose I should make them accessible to the squirrels. We have a fair number of grey squirrels around here. The manwho owns the house next door was going nuts trying to rid him of some in his attic. He ended upshooting them and I ended up reporting this to the police, since there is a law against use of firearms in the city limits. Nothing came of it though - I guess the police thought I was just a crank. Which, perhaps, I am.