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Sunday, March 02, 2003

Home-made potting soil
I have always just bought a bag of potting soil at Stop & Shop. As a desultory home gardener, that was adequate. Outside plants did what they could with the dirt that existed.
The past two summers, I have grown vegetables in some wooden tubs. For those, I purchased a couple of huge bags of potting soil at the local garden center.

An article in the NY Times tells about making your own potting soil:
I tailor some potting mixes for specific needs. For plants that are hungry for an extra boost of nitrogen, I add soybean meal, an organic food that releases nutrients in sync with plant growth. Plants that enjoy alkaline conditions, like some cactuses, get lime, while those that like acidic conditions, like gardenias and camellias, get sulfur. Plants that thrive in dry soil, like jade plants and other succulents, get extra aggregate, while African violets, gloxinias and others that crave constant moisture get extra organic matter. --By LEE REICH, 2-16-03