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Sunday, April 06, 2003

More snow :-(
Since I last wrote, we had a couple more snow storms in MArch and the other day, Thursday or Friday, we had a few inches of sleety snow.

Now the forecast is for several inches of snow starting tomorrow. Four to six, they said. I just can't believe it! We never get snow in April around here! Since I moved here in 1978, Willimantic has hardly had snow in March -- just a few flurries, whiting up the grass briefly, in early March.Never in April! [sigh]

The crocuses have been up for about 8-10 days, the yellow ones first, before I raked away the leaves in mid-March. Now the violet ones are blooming and daffodil buds have been there for a week or so. It has been too cold for them to open. Today there was a very sharp wind. Sandy and I visited the Tent City up at UConn, chatted with the peace protesters there. Nice kids. It ws very cold, and after about 35 or 40 minutes we had to leave.