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Monday, May 19, 2003

Lovely day today - It is over 70o F
Sunday I mowed the lawn again. Everything is shooting up and out! But it looks great.

  • Lawn: While there are a few turfless spots on the lawn, most of it is very lush looking.
  • Perennial division: The hosta clump I divided is doing phenomenally well, both the old part and the new. Both are very happy. The ground phlox that was divided last summer just exploded this spring.
  • Aphids: The bleeding hearts, their favorite target around here, are in delicate but lush bloom and so far not attacked by aphids.
  • Pansies: The few pansies I planted are doing ok too. The ones in the pot are best - little johnny-jump-ups, they have grown a couple of inches.

Soon I expect to put out some summer annuals, such as petunias and geraniums in the sun and impatiens in the shadier areas. A few veggies wouldn't hurt either!