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Saturday, May 10, 2003

This May looks to be a perfect month. All the snow and moisture have resulted in a burst of growth now that it's no longer freezing out. The long tough winter seems to have been good for the plants! We were overdue for a lot of precipitation; previous years were a little dry then very dry last year. Last spring, as I recall, it was already dry in April and just got worse as the summer wore on.

Saturday tasks:
  • get out and mow the lawn today, first of the season.
  • prepare some ground for seeds on the north (sunny) side of the house;
  • plant echinacea seeds

Garden report:
  • The ground phlox has taken off and is doing beautifully.
  • Daffodils have mostly gone by, except for one late-booming clump.
  • The sole red tulip is hanging on, trying to make the most of a pleasant month.
  • The day lilies are claiming the edges of their space and growing vigorously.
  • The lilac is in bloom but in serious need of someone with clippers; in addition to old seed pods, a climbing vine has entered the shrub and is choking part of it.
  • The hosta that I divided out and popped into a shade spot next to the porch steps is growing vigorously, more so than the other piece I divided out two years ago (and which is in a sunnier spot).
  • The poison ivy which had been eradicated years ago is climbing vigorously up the side of the house and has an amazing flourish of tendrils to clutch with. It is actually rather an attractive vine-- too bad we get itchy blisters from contact with it.

Tomorrow we are going to the Pond House for brunch. I'm looking forward to it!