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Sunday, June 01, 2003

Rainy season
We have had a cool wet spring. I awoke early this morning to the sound of rain beating on the roof. On a dark morning like this, what better to do than browse among new blogs.Sitting at my makeshift desk (a sheet of plywood atop two beige metal filing cabinets), rubbing sleep from my eyes as I sip the last of yesterday's coffee, I came across this on the blog of a libertarian man from India Gaurav Sabnis:
Today is the day I got the first whiff of that smell, when the rain beats down on the baked summer earth. As the clouds work overtime to cool the soil and then drench it, tiny fumes seem to drift upwards as they make their way into my nose. I stand in the balcony, with my elbow on the wall and my chin on my palm, staring at the procession of black clouds rushing in from the horizon, and my face breaks out into a wide happy smile.

Last summer it was very dry here and it was a struggle for the garden and me. The perennials in my little border love this wet cool spring. Maybe they are plants from northern New England and expect a lot of wet in April and May with cool or even cold nights.

Anyway, everything looks very lush. Some plants are much too crowded and need to be spread apart more. A hosta division I set down at the ned of the row, which has been limping along the past 4 years, has suddenly overtaken and overshadowed the bleeding hearts and the plant with daisy-like yellow flowers whose name I can never remember.