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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

flower report
Hosta and daylillies began blooming in earnest over the weekend. The hydrangeas are going by. They look awfully nice as they go by - changing from tidy white blossom clusters to attractive light green seed clusters. This appears to be an extended bloom time. Right now they are about half and half, white and green.

Coreopsis continues in bloom. There is a lush clump of ferns at the bend in the flower bed in front of the porch. The few anuals I put in are doing fine, and pansies are STILL blooming. Usually they are long gone by now; this must be a water issue, rather than heat, since we have had a easonable amount of rain this year. Bleeding herats, on the other hand have pretty much expired. This may be in part or in whole, the aphid issue.