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Friday, July 11, 2003

I went to Maine for part of the week I was off from work (week including July 4). It was great to visit folks up there. It was hot and muggy, same as here, but maybe 8 degrees cooler, so a relief.

We had a run of hot muggy weather - not unusual for July around here -- but finally got a good solid rain on Wednesday of this week. We were overdue-- although the late winter and all spring brought a great deal of precipitation, it hadn't rained for 3-4 weeks (if memory serves). The plants are happy again!

In bloom are the white snowball bushes, yellow coreopsis, and the dianthus annuals I purchased this spring (plus one or two purple petunias. The pansies had a long run and finally bolted when the weather remained hot and without rain, so they are nearly gone now. In full bud are the day lillies and the hosta. Day lillies elsewhere on our street have been blooming for over a week already; I believe now that the trees are leafed out they get more sun than we do, but earlier in the season, we had more sun and our spring flowers started earlier.