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Saturday, August 16, 2003

wooden tub planted with basil - 2001 I have mowed the lawn twice in the past week and a half. The first time, I thought it had dried up enough, but found grass clippings clinging to the wheels of the mower (and deduced it was also clogging the blades). I got the worst of the scraggly grass out front mowed, then quit.

Yesterday afternoon I was determined to mow around the wooden tubs near the parking area that I have planted with basil, dill, tomatoes and cucumbers. I hadn't mowed there for two weeks and it showed. I moved some of the tubs, the smaller ones, out of the way, and a few pots that were collected there. There was a hill of gravel where the plowman last winter had been digging too deeply, hoping to reach asphalt (he's only been here in a snowfall, so perhaps the landlord never told him it's not a paved driveway.) The gravel hill was impossible to mow over, but I tilted the mower up a bit and ran it partway up the mound.

When I was done, it looked better, but far from perfect. My daughter remarked encouragingly: At least you can tell someone lives here now!