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Monday, March 30, 2009

Bird's nest compost pile
Deb Martin in eastern Pennsylvania practices and writes about composting, and while cleaning up a winters worth of sticks and debris last year came up with Bird's nest composting. I like it for its simplicity:
... to create creating a passive, no-turn compost project, a base layer of sticks makes a fine starting point. You can imagine you’re building a really big bird’s nest as you pile up the twigs in a rough circle or in the bottom of your open bin or pen. When you have other ingredients, start layering them inside the frame made of sticks and random prunings. The twiggy base will let air flow up and under the pile, reducing the need for turning to get air into the heap.
Read the rest, and more innovative ideas at Compost Gardening

I have a triad of metal wire bins; and just now, two are nearly empty and one is filled to overflowing with dry leaves. I had nowhere to put my food scraps, so I plan to construct a small bird's nest right next to the bin of leaves so every time I dump I'll have ready cover.

Quick and easy! perfect.