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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seedling pots
Buying seed starter pots or other containers for you seeds every year can get expensive. I was interested in The wooden thingie you use to create biodegradable pots from newspaper. This typically sells for about $20; I used to own one, but it got lost in my last move, before I ever made many pots from it.
It turns out you can just use a household glass or a soda can to form it. Or you can do it origami style as demonstrated in this video.
Or, you could fill with potting soil a half egg shell (see the Mr. Brown Thumb page, further down), or section of toilet paper tube. I kind of like the egg shell idea!

Picture, if you will, an egg carton, filled with a dozen half eggshells -- planted with eggplant seedlings! A possible Easter gift??